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Our Science

Building on an exceptional track record of innovation, this team brings a wealth of cross-functional expertise to successful rational drug design. We focus on pioneering best-in-class therapeutics to improve upon existing drugs with clear liabilities, as well as to create new breakthroughs for diseases where others have been unable to find solutions.

Established and emerging science will guide our plans, with an emphasis on rare disease patient populations with well-characterized biology, allowing us to move rapidly and create meaningful impact for patients.

Our Bezuclastinib Approach
Our FGFR Approach
Fibroblast growth factor receptors (FGFRs) are a family of transmembrane receptors consisting of isoforms FGFR1-FGFR4
Binding of a ligand to the inactive FGFR monomer leads to receptor dimerization, phosphorylation, and downstream signaling
Receptor mutations, amplifications, and fusions can result in activation of FGFRs and are recognized as well-established oncogenic drivers in multiple indications
Inhibition of FGFR3 mutations in urothelial cancer and FGFR2 fusions in cholangiocarcinoma has led to improved clinical outcomes in defined patient populations

Inhibition Ligand Independent Signaling in FGFR 2/3 Altered Tumors is a Clinically Proven Approach

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