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Driven to Do More

When you think of the word impact what does it mean to you? At Cogent Biosciences, it means real solutions. Every day, we come to work focused and driven by the opportunity to deliver the next best-in-class therapy for patients with genetically defined diseases – to move beyond incremental improvements and solely treating symptoms, to address the real causes of disease. We are methodical, rational, and intentional in our approach to identify pragmatic solutions to complex health challenges with the goal of restoring health and allowing patients to live better, longer lives.

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Our Mission

To design rational precision therapies that treat the underlying cause of disease to improve patients’ lives.

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Our Vision

To discover, develop, and commercialize best-in-class therapies that have a dramatic impact for patients with genetically defined diseases.

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“The Cogent team is driven to discover and develop novel precision medicines. Beginning with bezuclastinib, we strive to improve the lives of patients fighting rare, genetically driven diseases.”

Andrew Robbins
Chief Executive Officer & President

Andrew Robbins